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Love Floral Tabacco Basket Decor

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Show how much you love that special someone with this handmade tabacco basket arrangement. This gorgeous gift will no doubt tell them you love and cherish them forever. Whether you are looking for a unique Valentine, a super special anniversary present, a truly amazing Mother’s Day treasure, or a beautiful wedding present…this will obviously scream any of those sentiments!!

This hand crafted masterpiece has a tabacco basket base, a hand painted pearly pink iridescent filigree heart, a large bow, made of deluxe ribbon, a beautiful “real feel” rose, as well as radiantly white peony flowers, and embellished with a wood and metal sign that has “and I love you” punched in center. This design can be used in vintage, shabby chic, classic, of farmhouse style decor.

This lovely creation can be hung on a wall or door, as well as stood up for display.

All of our creations are one of a kind, so don’t delay, there will never be another exactly like it.

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