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The LUXURY Homecoming Garter



The LUXURY Homecoming Garter includes:

  • A single full white 5.5″ mum flower. 6.5″ mum flower with normal and short streamers are also available. Short streamer version are usually used by cheerleaders and drill team that are in uniform and on field.
  • handmade flower embellishment representing your school
  • upscale decorative flower trim with fancy garnish
  • extra full skirt with Lots of streamers in school colors. Streamer length is 17-18″
  • metallic ribbons
  • unique imprinted ribbons
  • 3 bells
  • one braid or braid like element (shown with two) (see gallery for examples)
  • First name on a Looped streamer, Date’s name on a regular streamer. TWO names are included on the LUXURY Garter. (see gallery for examples)
  • Bandana included for attaching to arm or leg
*Please remember, garter streamers are short. Limit your names/text to 7 letters for looped streamers & 8 letters for plain streamers. More letters means I will have to make them smaller to fit.

Made in traditional school colors

*For design purposes & uniqueness, elements may vary.

Fun add-ons available! (see gallery for examples)

*Garter Photos are Examples only and will be made in your school colors and mascot. Photos may include added items & upgrades.

Pickup times will be posted. Last order taken 2 weeks before HOCO date!

$60 In stock
ADD ON Fun Military Braid (7) Narrow Looped Streamer (5) Medium Looped Streamer (7) Wide Looped Streamer (8) Inspire Braid (8) Hearts Chain (9) "Loopy" Streamer (9) Ribbon Candy Streamer (9) Spirit Texas Braid (10) Chandelle Feather Boa (6)
If “Other” School, What is name of your school? Mascot”
If “Other” School, What is your HoCo date:
First name on the mum (included):
Add additional Name or lines of text FLAT (optional) add ONE additional NAME (Date's) (2.75) add ONE additional line of text (4) add TWO additional lines of text (8) add THREE additional lines of text (12) no additional names/lines of text (0)
Specify ADDITIONAL DATE’S name or text here: (if you chose any above)
Add Custom Monogram on flower (optional) Double layer (15) Triple layer (20)
3 initials IN ORDER for monogram choice above
Add PLUSH Bear or Mascot (optional) none (0) 5.5" DRESSED plush white BOY bear (15) 5.5" plush white BOY bear (10) 5.5" DRESSED plush colored BOY bear (15) 6.5" DRESSED plush OWL (20) 6.5" plush OWL (10) 4" DRESSED small white owl (8) 4" small white owl (5)
Add Lights (optional)
Add Sports/Interest items (can choose more than one) none (0) Band (9) Baseball (9) Basketball (9) Cheer (9) Color guard (9) Cross country (9) Drill team (9) Football (9) Golf (9) Music (9) Soccer (9) Softball (9) Tennis (9) Track (9) 4-H (9) Volleyball (9) Academics (9)
Add 3D Glitter Football or Megaphone (optional) 5" glitter football – hang w/streamers (6) 5" glitter football – hanging w/ jersey # (10) 5" glitter football w/ jersey # on flower (10) 6" glitter megaphone – hang w/streamers (8) 6" glitter megaphone – hanging with mascot name (14) 6" glitter megaphone on the flower (8) 6" glitter megaphone with mascot name on the flower (14)
Add Custom layered letters (optional) Name (12) Freshman (10) Sophomore (10) Junior (10) Senior (10) No Thanks (0)
If you are adding an additional custom layered name (above), type text here
Add Bling Packages (optional) Bling it all Cheer/Drill team garters (15)
Class/Year of recipient
Enter Special instructions here
Tell me a little about your style!
Donation or Fundraiser Organization (if applicable) Anderson-Shiro Elementary (0) Iola Cheer (0)
How did you hear about us?
Luxury garter Luxury garter top Shorter streamer girly garter 5" 3D glitter football (jersey # included) 6" 3D glitter megaphone Monogram triple layer Flat letters Layered names All premium braids DRESSED boy bear Dressed small owl Owl DRESSED Owl

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